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Quality Policy (Q)


Excellence in Security: making security a common practice that is easily comprehensible, visible, achievable and demonstrable to all organizations. Security is a priority in all our activities, solutions, services and business. Ensure that critical and non-critical industrial infrastructures develop their operations safely through solutions, consulting services, and educational services.

Provide solutions and value-added services to solve problems and meet specific needs verifiable for the improvement of safety and security of our customers and the community.


Security is one of the areas of development that needs more attention both in the present and in the future. Security has a very broad meaning and is perceived in different ways by both people and organizations. Safety cannot be touched or tasted or smell. Without an adequate risk assessment and management process can only be perceived when an incident or catastrophe is presented to us.

We offer products developed by leading companies that are innovative and highly committed, with high quality, robustness, reliability, and great technical and commercial support. This allows us to drastically reduce support cases due to problems with our products optimizing the time to focus on providing solutions and value-added services.

Our Core Values

  • Friendly with the environment
  • Responsible with the community
  • We promote a wise industry
  • Intelligent use of technology
  • Care and save all resources
  • Declared War On Waste (WOW)
  • Promote continues improvement
  • Permanent seek of excellence
  • Equal opportunities
  • Safety and Security first

Scope of the quality management system

The Quality management system has scope over all divisions and activities that have an impact on deliverables and communications to the customer, employees, and shareholders.

The divisions of WiseGroup at the regional level in all the countries of action are WisePlant, WiseCourses, WiseSecurity, and WiseCities. including Marketing activities, sales, consulting services, educational services, technical support, administration, logistics, and foreign trade.

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